/ 30 April 2022

THE VISAYAS State University will soon have an arboretum that will showcase and preserve threatened native tree species.

The project aims to protect diversity and will be an added attraction as an eco-tourism spot in VSU Baybay.

The university and the Energy Development Corporation signed a Memorandum of Agreement for the implementation of the project last month.

The EDC-BINHI arboretum will be located at the VSU Nature Park located near Molave Hill. VSU’s College of Forestry and Environmental Science and the EDC will lead the project and will gather tree species across the country.

“The VSU administration will commit to maintaining the arboretum project as part of our commitment to proactively provide solutions to our many complex problems and challenges related to environmental conservation,” VSU President Edgardo E. Tulin said.

“The establishment of this arboretum will ensure that the many native trees that we see in Leyte will be preserved properly for scientific and educational purposes and that the long term survival of these endangered species will be ensured for many years to come,” EDC Vice President Regina Victoria J. Pascual said.