/ 24 September 2020

STUDENTS and faculty of the University of Santo Tomas Senior High School Department will be given a one-week ‘Academic Health Break’.

In a memorandum released today, September 24, SHS Principal Dr. Mary Erika Bolanos said all tasks, synchronous sessions, and online tests scheduled within the break will be moved to the following week.

“The UST Senior High School puts premium to the well-being of her stakeholders. As such there will be an academic health break from September 25-30, 2020,” the memorandum read.

Students will be given review materials and other asynchronous activities which will be uploaded before the scheduled break.

“During this week, all gradable assessments shall be extended to the following week. Teachers are enjoined to upload materials before the said dates. Affected synchronous classes are advised to hold asynchronous through readings or alternative lessons, the memorandum said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Principal for Student Formation Asst. Prof. Jaezamie V. Ong said that no submissions will be given during the academic break to give teachers and administrators time to reevaluate the curriculum of the department.

“This pause shall also serve as an opportune time for faculty and the administrators to recalibrate and reassess the curricular goals of Senior High School,” Ong said.