/ 8 January 2021

A PROFESSOR from the University of Santo Tomas was appointed as Philippine Ambassador of the Los Angeles-based International Organization for Health, Sports, and Kinesiology.

Associate Professor Jerome Porto, chairman of the Bachelor of Physical Education, major in Sports-Wellness Management program of the Institute of Physical Education and Athletics, said that the appointment entails coordinating the activities of new members and Philippine representatives of IOHSK.

“I reach the public working with traditional and social media, websites, educational, cultural, and all manners of people-to-people exchange to help in IOHSK’s activities. Doing so will help strengthen existing partnerships and open doors for new members,” he said.

Porto secured the waiving of fees for conferences and workshops, IOHSK publication fees, as well as one nomination and one vote for international student scholarships in over 62 countries.

The university’s involvement in IOHSK allows it to secure priority review of the Equipment Assistance Grant submission.

IOHSK is a non-profit organization funded by the Xlore Nations. It seeks to promote professional growth and achievement of professionals, professors, scholars, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, and practitioners in the fields of health, sports, and kinesiology.