/ 16 November 2022

THE UNIVERSITY of Southeastern Philippines warned the public to be cautious with fake documents that are being passed as official documents from the university by some individuals.

USeP said it received reports that some documents are being fabricated using the university’s name.

“It is emphasized and enforced that such acts of fraud, misrepresentation, falsification, and fabrication of documents are illegal. As a matter of course, anybody found in possession of falsified/spurious/fake documents purported to be issued by USeP is deemed to be the perpetrator of the falsification, fraud, or misrepresentation,” USeP said on Tuesday.

The university said that the documents are identical to the original and can only be spotted by a trained eye.

“The public is hereby notified that the USeP only releases original and verified documents upon request of bona fide students or of appropriate institutions and is not, in any way, responsible for the circulation of fake documents,” it added.

USeP also asked the public to reach out to the university for verification of documents.