/ 20 November 2020

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines-Los Baños will reshape instruction, enhance flexible learning systems and boost the academic improvement of its staff as part of measures to future-proof the university.

Chancellor Jose Camacho, Jr. discussed the programs adopted by the university during a meeting with the Management Association of the Philippines-Agribusiness and Countryside Development Foundation.

He defined future-proofing UPLB as “developing methods, approaches, and framework to minimize costs and impacts of future events” on the university, internalizing lessons of the past, adapting and facing challenges of the present, and preparing for future disruptions and issues.

He cited the need to future-proof UPLB as the university faces the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic, climate change, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, dwindling government funds, and socio-economic-political stresses and uncertainties.

Future-proofing, he explained, should be ensured in areas where UPLB is strong such as in knowledge creation, research, and public service initiatives.

Camacho said that UPLB will reshape instruction by integrating data science, computing, and technology-supported teaching and learning in its traditional niches.

“We will enhance the quality of flexible learning systems, create the Center for Teaching-Learning Excellence, continue education program for the academic staff, nurture a mentoring system, and seek more resource-endowed academic partners,” he explained.

Camacho pledged to ensure the welfare of all its stakeholders — the students, faculty members, research, extension, and professional staff, administrative staff, and alumni.

“Moreover, its global engagement will be future-proofed by attracting high quality international staff and students, by communicating UPLB’s distinct contributions to the world, and by developing a portfolio of worldwide partnerships,” he added.