/ 3 April 2023

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines-Visayas forged partnership agreement with GRF-Hublag Microfinance Foundation, Inc. to help farmers establish a complete and sustainable value chain for mussel production.

Officials of UP Visayas and GRF-HMFI signed a Memorandum of Understanding last month to formalize the collaboration.

“This MOU will enable the establishment of a complete and sustainable value chain for mussel to help mussel farmers in the region.
This includes the hatchery, grow-out, post-harvest handling and processing, mussel value-adding, and marketing of mussel products,” the university said.

Under the agreement, UPV will provide orientation and training assistance to people’s organizations that have mussel-related technologies, from hatchery to harvesting, handling, and value-addition.

The school will also assist these organizations in marketing their products.

On the other hand, GRF-HMFI will facilitate UPV’s outreach efforts by organizing orientation and training sessions for people’s organizations in Capiz, as well as providing support in the adoption of technology.

“UP Visayas aims to impart relevant scientific knowledge and skills to communities and extend assistance in providing sustainable livelihood to the people,” the university said.