/ 12 May 2022

STUDENTS from the University of the Philippines denounced  the alleged harassment of members of the UP varsity teams because of their “affiliation with the UP as an institution.”

On Wednesday, groups of student athletes from UP were reportedly stopped by police officers on their way home from their respective competitions.

The athletes were traveling in university-marked vehicles and were asked if they were transporting protesters.

“We, the UP College of Human Kinetics Student Council, UP Diliman University Student Council, and the Varsity Council strongly condemn all forms of harassment, especially of our fellow UP students and Student-Athletes,” the students said.

“Amidst the events surrounding the ongoing national elections, we face the looming threat of a Marcos restoration and a Duterte extension,” they added.

The students said that incidents of  intimidation and attacks will be intensified “as Marcos and Duterte tandem amass power in the government.”

“Given the history of red-tagging of students and state attacks under these administrations, these incidents are points of concern, especially as the UP community takes a stand against potential threats to our democracy,” it said. “As bastion of activism, we continue to uphold our mandate to challenge the status quo that renders us disenfranchised of our rights.”

The groups urged university officials to take a stand and condemn the incidents of harassment towards its community members.

“Rest assured that we are working with the appropriate offices to take preventive measures to ensure the safety of our student-athletes as they continue to attend their respective competitions,” they said. “As we expect an overwhelming turn of events in the next days, we call on the UP community to stay vigilant.”