/ 25 January 2023

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines Open University introduced four new associate programs after its Board of Regents approved their implementation this year.

These programs are Associate of Arts in Digital Design and Art, Associate of Arts in Digital Entrepreneurship, Associate of Science and Information Technology, and Associate of Science in Instructional Design and Technology.

“The offering of new Associate programs in UPOU opens new opportunities for learners to pursue quality higher education in response to the emerging demand of the workforce for digital professionals,” it said.

“Each program is designed by the university to provide specific skills and competencies needed to qualify in the careers of their own choosing,” it added.

The university said it hopes to empower new generations of learners by making them more competitive and resilient through the program.

Currently UPOU has five associate programs that are available for Filipino students. These programs will be delivered via Open and Distance eLearning.

“The graduates may opt to pursue a Baccalaureate degree in the University, either by choosing Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies or Bachelor of Education Studies,” the school said.