/ 29 August 2020

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines has announced that students and teachers can expect more educational materials to be publicly available as classes shift to distance learning amid the Covid19 threat.

The premier state university is offering its online resources to support educators in distance learning and to ensure learners still receive quality education.

“UP makes it a point to open its repository of knowledge and expertise to all sectors and members of the general public, and make its resources available to all who seek to learn, to do research and to sincerely serve the country and its people,” the university said.

Educators, learners, and the general public can access the university’s publications, radio episodes, podcasts, recordings of online lectures, courses, academic events, and university functions, and other open educational resources for free.

UP stressed that it has been helping the country fight the pandemic by providing the public access to information regarding Covid19 symptoms, diagnoses, case numbers, and policy guidelines.

“UP as a higher education institution and as a community is even more cognizant of its role in educating our people, in letting science lead the way out of this public health crisis, and in informing policy and decision-making at all levels with the best knowledge and expertise we can offer,” the university stated.

The full list of UP’s online educational materials can be accessed through this link: