/ 6 January 2021

THE DEPARTMENT of Communication Research of the University of the Philippines will release a free and downloadable primer on communication and media research that contains excerpts from its comprehensive handbook for students and teachers.

The department said that the primer on communication and research will help address the urgent need for accessible and local learning resources on communication and media, especially amid the shift to distance learning because of the pandemic.

“It is designed as a stopgap material that can be temporarily used in communication and media research classes until the complete Handbook is published. As such, it is formatted as a compilation of class handouts and includes basic notes about the research process,” the department said.

The handbook contains the principles and approaches in Outcomes-Based Education.

UP-DCP said it also contains learning outcomes and key questions, discussions of core concepts, formative exercises, summative applications, as well as a glossary and a set of references.

The handbook and the primer are projects of the Communication Research faculty, with support from the Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant program of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of the Philippines.