/ 27 June 2021

THE UNIVERSITY of the Philippines denied the students’ appeal to give considerations to those who have completed course requirements but are of ‘failing standing’.

UP Office of the Student Regent earlier proposed students who have a deferred grade or an incomplete mark be given a year to review and revise their requirements under the guidance of the course instructor until achieving satisfactory standing.

Dr. Maria Cynthia Rose Bautista, vice president for Academic Affairs, pointed out there was a need to balance the interest of the students with those of the faculty member.

Bautista also said the university enjoins teachers to exercise utmost prudence in using the DROP option.

“More than a year into this pandemic, the Presidential Advisory Council also reflected on the need to balance compassion for all students with UP’s responsibility to ensure that our Iskolars ng Bayan, the country’s future leaders in different branches of knowledge, possess the competence, grit and agility to overcome adversities, thrive and lead in the complex world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, climate change, pandemics, as well as global and national political economic, social, and environmental crises,” Bautista said.

However, UP Student Regent Renee Louise Co said the denial of their appeal revealed that the “space for compassion is narrowed.”

“The pandemic still prevails, there are still disparities in financial and household circumstances, physical and mental health stability, and availability of resources and time of the various members of the academic community, most especially the students — its largest sector,” Co stressed.

“The appeal to reconsider the policy of dropping students with complete requirements but of failing standing is rooted in the principles of ease and compassion that govern the memorandum,” she added.

Co also urged school officials to provide the most inclusive and accessible form of education especially amid the pandemic.

“We express dismay over the decision of the PAC in its denial of our appeal to reconsider its forced drop policy. As the second semester is fast approaching, let us breathe greater life to the student campaigns for academic ease and the safe reopening of schools,” she said.