/ 18 October 2021

THE SUPREME Student Council of the University of San Carlos mourned the passing of a student who took his own life recently.

USC-SSC said that a 20-year-old student taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing committed suicide on October 15.

Based on its own investigation, the USC-SSC’s Committee on Grievances and Investigation said that the victim’s close relative and friends said that the student struggled with his academic requirements.

USC SAC said that there is an alarming increase in mental health issues because of the health crisis and the university’s anti-poor and anti-student policies.

“These education-related suicide incidents all over the country are not only stories of death, but are stories of victims of a rotten education system that prioritizes profit and productivity over the well-being of its students. With this, the USC SSC intensifies its call for academic breaks after major examinations. It is undeniable that Carolinians need to pause and recover physically, emotionally, and mentally as online learning continues,” the student council said.

The group also appealed for an academic break and urged teachers and the administration for more consideration during this difficult time.

“We commit to conducting an investigation to establish preventive measures and continue to forward pro-student policies in the university,” it said.