/ 8 March 2022

THE UNIVERSITY of Cagayan Valley started holding limited face-to-face classes on Monday after almost two years of distance learning.

UCV President Esther Susan Perez-Mari welcomed the students as they returned to their classrooms.

Mari said only a handful of courses were allowed to hold in-person learning but she hopes that other programs will be included soon.

She also expressed hope that physical classes will return to 100 percent.

“As we all know, the outbreak of the pandemic has left us with no option but to hold classes online, for almost 24 months now. It is a welcome breather that we see our grounds and physical classrooms be alive once more with your presence,” Mari told the students.

“It is our wish that one day [face-to-face] classes shall be 100%, but in the meantime, let me assure you of your safety at UCV, as evidenced by our safety seal, compliance with all Covid protocols, and CHED requirements,” she added.