/ 11 August 2021

THE UNIVERSITY of the East on Tuesday was urged to allow student-athletes stripped of scholarship grants to use promissory notes.

The UE University Student Council said that this “would not entail any loss in the university, but rather a gain in the enrollment.”

“It is the administration’s fault why they have not prepared for the enrollment because they were hoping for the scholarship but it was revoked the day before the start of classes,” USC said in a letter to UE President Ester Garcia.

The group also urged school officials to immediately release the documents of athletes who will transfer to other schools.

“These warriors carried our flag high enough that the people can see our spirit and excellence. Now that the university can no longer take care of them, we must let them go so that they can find a new home that can maximize their potentials and give them the care that they deserve,” it added.

Earlier this week, the university dissolved at least five sports team and fully removed the scholarship grants of the athletes.

The affected athletes are from taekwondo, chess, softball, weightlifting, and fencing teams.