/ 14 January 2021

STUDENT groups in the University of the East-Caloocan denounced the school’s statement that the grant of scholarship is a privilege not a right.

The groups earlier decried the revocation of scholarship of some students who had failing grades.

UE President Ester Garcia responded by saying that students have to follow the policies laid down by the university to keep their scholarships.

The Central Student Council however rejected Garcia’s statement that it is possible that some students may have been allowed to keep their scholarships despite some violations by the school’s “inadvertence.”

This was rejected by the students.

“This is because the grant of scholarships to those with failing grades in any previous semester, except the most recent one, had always been valid. Assessment of failing final grades had always been on a semestral basis. Even concerned alumni are aware of such facts,” Saida Manap, CSC president, said.

“To say that granting scholarships to hundreds of students who have ever had failing final grades in the past several years is a ‘mere inadvertence’, a simple error, or lack of planning on the administration’s part would be, in our sincere opinion, is far-fetched,” she added.

Manap said that the school should have informed students of its policy before revoking their scholarships.

“The students should have been informed about this beforehand as not doing so would have been equivalent to having them pursue academic excellence under an incorrect promise. It is fairly evident from the reaction of those affected that such change in implementation called for nothing less than a formal, timely notification,” she added.

Manna urged the university to waive the scholarship policy for the second semester of Academic Year 2020-2021 to allow the affected students to continue their education.