/ 16 September 2021

A STUDENT group at the University of the East asked school officials to waive the surcharge that will be imposed on learners who received an email for the initial scholarship list.

The University Student Council said that learners are “now bothered” as most of them haven’t received any notification on the final list of scholars for the first semester of Academic Year 2021-2022.

“The students were promised that they will be informed about their final standing after the enrollment period, however, still no further updates were made,” the USC said in a letter to David Chua, vice chairman of UE Board of Trustees.

“Students are waiting for the final list since most of them rely on that scholarship alone. If they pay past on due date, additional fees will be charged to their accounts and it will just add to their burden,” it added.

The surcharge will be effective on September 16 and students received emails from the administration reminding them that the due for payment of tuition is on September 15, USC said.

Students have asked the UE administration to release the final list of scholars, saying it is the least thing the university could give learners since school officials stood firm on imposing new policies regarding scholarship grants.

“We are hoping that the administration will waive the surcharge fee to all the initial scholars since the university is at fault for announcing the list of grantees late,” USC said.

“In these trying times, the only hope that those students have is the scholarship grant that they will receive and surely deserve,” it added.