/ 26 November 2020

UNIVERSITY of the East College of Law Dean Viviana Paguirigan launched the 2020 edition of her book on law of succession and the latest jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

The book titled “Notes and Cases on Succession” was first released in 2017 and was published by CentralBooks.

The updated 2020 edition contains illustrations on concepts on the law of succession and the latest jurisprudence by the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

In her new book, Paguirigan also provided substantial discussions on succession rights, which is often an area of conflict between family members and relatives.

In the foreword of the book, Retired Supreme Court Associate Justice and former UE Law Dean Dante Tinga said that the author has come up with “comprehensive” and “lucid presentation” about the subject.

“It takes more than just a working knowledge on the subject to come up with a book on a complex subject. Not surprisingly, the author, who has had extensive involvement in the academe, and who has taught the subject for more than two decades, was able to come out with a comprehensive and lucid presentation of the subject including the relatively obscure areas,” he said.

It was the second publication of Paguirigan for 2020 after the launch of her book ‘Bar Q & A—Civil Law’, in which she answered bar questions on civil law for the past 10 years.

‘Notes and Cases on Succession’ is available in all branches of CentralBooks.