/ 27 July 2021

CITING data privacy issues, University of the East President Ester Garcia on Monday said the school will not release the tentative list of qualified scholars for the 1st semester of Academic Year 2021-2022.

Garcia issued the remark after students requested college deans to immediately release the list of scholars.

In a report by the school’s publication The Dawn, Garcia said that the school’s Data Privacy officer warned her about the rules under the data privacy law.

“I was warned yesterday because they know that ako ang makukulong, hindi kayo,” she said.

Garcia gave assignments that learners will be notified if they are included in the list but there would be no ranking because it is not yet final.

Since school officials stood firm to impose new policies regarding scholarship grants, the students earlier said the move is the least thing the university could give students.

“Students are already aware that the list that will be released is not yet official but they just want to know if there is still a chance or hope for them to be one of the grantees based on their grades and the population in the previous semester. We have been facing adversities that tested our physical strength and mental well-being,” they said.

“The tentative list would not cost the university anything but will be very helpful to the students who can no longer have decent rest thinking about their scholarships,” they added.