/ 27 July 2020

THE HEAD of the Technological University of the Philippines issued a memorandum directing faculty members to compile proof they held online make-up classes for the second semester.

Based on the memorandum signed last July 14, TUP President Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres mandates ‘all concerned faculty’ to report their performance to their deans and directors.

“You are hereby enjoined to direct your concerned faculty conducting make-up classes for the second semester or term S.Y 2019-2020 to collate proof of actual academic and class interaction showing evidence that there were exams and quizzes given and conduct of class meetings via zoom, google classroom, and other online platforms,” reads the letter.

The memo was posted by the TUP-Manila University Student Government on its Facebook page. It also asks faculty members to comply ‘as soon as possible.’

The memorandum also stated that any proof other than those mentioned can also be submitted.

According to The Philippine Artisan, the school’s official student publication, the university’s vice president for Academic Affairs ended the second semester on May 15 and only advised faculty members to give ‘minimum’ requirements to their students.

The Facebook post directing faculty members has gained traction on social media as several students were surprised with the directive.

It can be noted that classes were suspended in March due to the threat of Covid19 as many universities opted to hold classes online.

But due to the clamor online by students asking for the stopping of classes, several universities decided to end the semester.

As of the moment, the university has not released information regarding its approach for the upcoming academic year.

Meanwhile, The Department of Education stated that classes will resume starting August 24, in ‘whatever form it is.’