/ 21 September 2020

STUDENTS of the Tarlac State University called for an educational system that is responsive to the needs and concerns of students and teachers as the country adopts distance learning during the pandemic.

The Work, TSU’s  student publication, said that having a pro-student and teacher system would help learners in their struggles as they adjust to new learning methods.

“We should continue to call for an education system that promotes a pro-student mode of learning, considers the conditions of those most vulnerable, and prioritizes the welfare of students and teachers during such trying times,” the group said on Facebook.

It reiterated that “education is a right, not a privilege,” and urged the government to ensure that every student will have access to quality education.

The publication joined other universities in calling for a comprehensive action in addressing the issues of students and teachers.

“The Work enjoins the Filipino people in our fight for a comprehensive action plan from the administration that shall ensure the safety and welfare of not just the education sector but of every sector facing hardships,” it said.