/ 17 September 2022

THE TAMPAKAN National High School in Tampakan, South Cotabato suspended the conduct of face-to-face classes after some students and a teacher contracted Covid19.

The suspension of in-person classes started on September 14 and will end on October 3.

Reports said that at least five students and a teacher were found positive for Covid19.

Those who tested positive were asymptomatic and were placed on home quarantine.

Tampakan Mayor Leonard Escobillo said some 200 teachers and students who were in close contact with those who tested positive for Covid19 were immediately tested and told to go on quarantine.

Department of Education spokesperson Michael Poa earlier said that schools are required to have an “infection containment” strategy should there be a surge in cases of Covid19.

“That’s what we are hoping to see, what we call infection containment plan or strategy that the schools will implement. For instance, what are their plans if someone tests positive in school? Will they contain it? Will they suspend that particular class or the entire school? So that’s something we will require from them and our field offices will be monitoring to ensure that’s in place for each school,” he said.