/ 16 September 2020

STUDENTS around the country shared their respective experiences on dealing with online classes amid the Covid19 pandemic.

In a mini-survey by the Manila Bulletin on its Facebook page, the media outlet asked netizens to describe in three words on what they feel going about online learning.

The replies range from humorous to frustration, while issues on internet connectivity were also raised.

The survey was conducted on Tuesday, being National Online Learning Day.

“Very boring, tbh,” “Disconnected si teacher,” “Naol may wifi,” “New Skills Unlock,” “we’r not ready,” “Just to passed,” “Ayawan na po,” were just some of the three-word descriptions made by the students.

Learners in favor of academic freeze also brought up their sentiments in dealing with online classes, and called for an immediate implementation of the academic policy to ensure that no students would be left behind.

The student sector though, is split regarding the call for an academic freeze.

Schools in the country are using distant learning schemes as face-to-face classes are still discouraged due to the threat of coronavirus.

Education heads said the country might return to the traditional mode of learning by January of next year at the earliest once the Covid19 crisis subsides