/ 4 November 2020

THE FEDERATION of Student Governments of the Technological University of the Philippines on Tuesday urged its administration to implement an academic break for the benefit and welfare of its student body.

The federation, composed of student councils of its Manila, Taguig, Cavite and Visayas campuses, made a letter to University President Jesus Rodrigo Torres listing their reasons.

Among these reasons is the consideration for the mental and physical wellbeing of students and faculty. They cited a study that shows the impact of Covid19 has on higher education, causing difficulties with academic responsibility leading to mental health deterioration.

They added the break would help students in exam preparations as it gives them more time to finish backlogs.

They also said a similar rule has been implemented in institutions across the country, citing the earlier reasons.

Lastly, the federation said the break would also help those affected by Typhoon Rolly in giving them time to recover.

“For these reasons, circumstances, and justifications defined above, we hope that your good office considerably looks into this matter,” the letter said.

Recently, several institutions in the country have announced either wellness or academic break, including iAcademy, Palawan State University, Bataan Peninsula University, Jose Rizal University, Mountain View College, Isabela State University, Malate Catholic School, Benguet State University, and University of the Philippines.