/ 27 December 2023

DR. MANUEL Muhi has been re-elected as president of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines for the second straight term.

A statement from PUP said Muhi was unanimously elected by the Evaluation Committee.

He will serve as president for another four-year term or from 2024-2028.

“He adequately communicated his platform of governance to the community. PUP’s ten pillars articulated in the Institutional Development Plan served as an effective guide to everyone concerned on what future direction PUP is taking,” the report stated.

By this, stakeholders from branches and satellite campuses “feel that they are truly part of the PUP System, and they are involved in many of PUP’s programs.”

Students also felt that “they were given the freedom to bring up issues with the President” because of his openness and sincerity.

Faculty members shared the same sentiment and appreciated the “President’s transparency in terms of what is going on across the PUP system.”

Before he was elected PUP President, Muhi held various administrative positions in PUP such as Vice President for Academic Affairs, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Research and Extension, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Department Head of the Department of Civil Engineering.