/ 17 September 2020

THE PHILIPPINE  Normal University partnered with the National Educators Academy of the Philippines  in coming out with a program designed to assist teachers and school leaders in their professional growth.

“The partnership is to support the Department of Education through the National Educators Academy of the Philippines in assisting teachers and school leaders show evidence of attainment of their current career stages which are based on the applicable set of standards and further support them to move to the next career stages,” PNU President Dr. Bert Tuga said during the Handang Isip, Handa Bukas press briefing.

The PNU reviewed and customized the program for NEAP personnel.

The customized program focused on the outcomes-based approach that addresses the needs of the department to correctly position and move teachers, school heads, and supervisors.

PNU-Research Center for Teacher Quality Director Dr. Gina Gonong said that 11,000 teachers were in the Teachers Induction Program, which tackles among others the usage of various learning modalities for different school types.