/ 7 July 2022

THE PHILIPPINE High School for the Arts gave assurances that its school personnel are working “hand in hand” to provide a safe learning environment for students.

The PHSA made the remark in response to the VICE World News report of alleged sexual abuse by teachers and staff.

The report published on June 28 said a PHSA alumni claimed that a teacher had molested him during a rehearsal held at the teacher’s home.

Another learner also shared that she and her classmates were made to watch explicit material at the Cultural Center of the Philippines without their parent’s knowledge.

“The PHSA management sympathizes with our alumni who complained of past abuses. While the complainants have been informed, through representative, to file complaints with the proper forum, the complainants are welcome to file their complaints with the School’s designated committees,” the school said in a statement.

“As felt by many of our alumni, teachers and staff, some of whom have worked at PHSA for more than 20 years, the sweeping generalization, as shown in the articles portraying the PHSA as haven for abuse, is unfair,” it added.

PHSA said that its teachers and staff are always updated on the laws and developments of the Safe Space Act.

“Regular parent-teacher conferences (weekly or even more frequently) with the Guidance Counselor and with the Directors, upon the request of advisers, are also being held,” PHSA said.

“Bearing in mind the students’ welfare even in the classes, our Director continuously reminds our teachers to use child-friendly material (using MTRCB guidelines as reference) in production and final artistic output with panel critiquing sessions to held to ensure contend and quality of students’ work,” it added.