/ 20 November 2021

THE NUEVA Vizcaya State University has launched a locally produced ethyl alcohol in line with the celebration of science and technology week in Region 2.

The university collaborated with the Department of Science and Technology for the project “Development of a Novel Processing Facility for the Conversion of Agricultural Products to Ethyl Alcohol.”

Ruth Raña Padilla, Officer-in-Charge of the Office of the President, said that the launching of the project marks another milestone for NVSU.

“Since last year, alcohol has become a prime commodity that most of us could not live without. Its increase in demand has surged its value to unreasonable prices during the height of the lockdown,” she said.

Padilla said that she is “beyond proud” of the university’s continuous achievement and innovations in the field of science.

“With this, we can have a more suitable and cost-efficient alternative to expensive branded ethyl alcohol, contribute to the fight against the Covid19 pandemic and carry the NVSU to its prestige and glory as a premier state university in a global community,” Padilla said.

The DOST said that the project aims fo increase the production of alcohol in the province.

“This is a good project because we are rich in agricultural products that can be used as raw material in the production of alcohol, among others,” Jonathan Nuestro, DOST-Nueva Vizcaya provincial chief, said.