/ 21 August 2020

THE National University Student Affairs Office has heeded the students’ demands for an efficient distribution of WiFi Kits.

The SAO consideration followed the NU Student Government report that it has reached out to the Office of the President and submitted a proposal for a more systematic dissemination of the digital gadgets.

“After being bombarded with criticisms, the NU-SAO then responded to the call of the students. through Office 365 Outlook, the director of the SAO had emailed the NU community regarding its reorganized system of distribution,” the student government said.

The NUSG, however, questioned the P160 delivery fee for students residing within the National Capital Region. “We are asking the university administrator to waive the delivery fee,” said the student leaders.

They also asked if the P160 delivery fee is  based on standard delivery rates within the NCR and if students can personally claim the WiFi Kits in the campus since many have missed online classes due to the delayed distribution.

“Again, we are with you, Nationalians! Please rest assured that we are doing everything to address all of your concerns, and that we only aim to induce the best possible measures to safeguard the welfare of our fellow students,” said the NUSG.