/ 30 October 2021

STUDENTS hit the National Teachers College for the sudden collection of laboratory fee in the middle of the term.

The school’s Student Government said that students were not informed that they would have to pay an additional fee.

“We started to question the sudden insertion of the fees in the middle of the semester. The Vice President for Finance responded saying that the insertion of the PEP Laboratory Fee in the middle of the semester has been the practice since last Academic Year,” the student government said.

“We reiterated that the main problem was the technicalities on why it is done in the middle of the semester and why the students were not informed about the fees beforehand or during the PEP Orientation,” the group added.

It said that the school administration rejected the call to take down the laboratory fee.

“We continue to demand the Administration to remove the PEP Laboratory Fee and release a statement addressing the PEP Trainees to further clarify the details of the PEP laboratory fee,” the group added.