/ 29 August 2020

THE NATIONAL Teachers College has laid out a flexible remote learning program as the country transitions to distance learning amid the Covid19 threat.

In a virtual press briefing, Dr. Edizon Fermin, NTC vice president for academic affairs, said the university’s new program for the first semester of academic year 2020-2021 offers modified online and correspondence learning.

Modified online learning consists of a few online tests and quizzes, whole-class or small discussions, online simulations and games, and video of remote performance.

Correspondence learning, on the other hand, includes written outputs and worksheets, self-assessments and narrative reports, and selective do-it-yourself projects.

Besides offering the option of modified online or correspondence learning, NTC said its enrollees will also be able to get connectivity gadgets at lower prices than those in the market through the school’s partner organizations.

Fermin said there is a need to continue education amid the pandemic which led NTC to provide options such as the “Adaptive Community for the Continuity of Education and Student Services,” a program which aims to continue students’ access to telehealth services, online library usage, and psychosocial counseling.

He also said the NTC trained 800 educators in several courses and areas amid the transition to the new normal.

Moreover, Fermin said scholars will be able to retain their scholarships for the incoming first semester. So far, he said, the NTC has reached 50 percent of its target enrollees.

The orientation week from August 23 to 29 marks the start of the school year at NTC. Academic sessions will commence on September 1, 2020.