Creamline setter and National team veteran Jia Morado is one of the 24 out of 40 players who did not attend the national team tryouts for volleyball.

/ 3 May 2021

With still the ongoing pandemic, Marado opted not to be present on account of health and safety concerns.

“I would have loved to take part in the tryouts scheduled by the PNVF this week in Subic. However, I personally decided to beg from the tryouts out of an abundance of caution,” Morado said in a statement.

The former Ateneo star explained that learning the supposed plans of the PVNF in conducting the event also contributed to her decision.

“I was also informed that we were going to travel to MOA and Subic, and then home again, which could possibly be infection points. What is usually done in sports training is to have a certain quarantine period before getting together,” she propounded.

“This made me feel unsafe to go for myself and for members of my family who are high-risk and live with me at home.”

Nonetheless, the three-time PVL Finals MVP noted that not joining the tryouts wouldn’t reflect her disinterest in gunning the team and once the door has been opened again, she would be glad to open it.

“As I have willingly committed myself and served the team these past few years, I am willing to do so again should the opportunity present itself and the circumstances be better,” Morado stated.

Moreover, Marado gave her all praise to the 16 and 31 players from the women’s and men’s side, respectively that joined volleyball tryouts to represent the team.

“I deeply respect my teammates who decided to still attend the tryouts, though they may also have the same worries about the pandemic,” she said with wishes of best of luck for Philippine Volleyball.