/ 19 June 2021

THE MAPUA University will offer a new program — Bachelor of Science in Management Engineering — that can be finished in three and a half years.

The new course combines business management, industrial engineering, and decision sciences education, the university said.

The program, which will be under the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, aims to produce professionals who have the knowledge and skills “to provide sound and optimal decisions within a business organization and to develop efficient, cost-effective, and technology-enabled business processes.”

“The Management Engineering program is an evolution of the Industrial Engineering program of Mapua, which is among its 14 internationally accredited undergraduate programs, and is reinforced by business and management education,” the school said.

“Career opportunities range from the areas of finance, sales and marketing, human resource management, information systems, production and operations, and consultancy, among others,” it added.

The students are expected to deliver data-driven and analytical decisions and strategies as well as scientific approaches to problem solving.

To learn more about the new program, interested students can visit the link: and