/ 4 August 2020

iACADEMY developed the country’s first social distancing app which helps users plan their errands based on density of area aimed at reducing the number of people going out during this time of the Covid19 pandemic.

Called Maze, the app targets to address the congestion of people in essential places by providing updated information on crowd status of a specific area through reports of users who are in the same location.

iACADEMY is a Makati-based school that specializes in computing, business, and design.

The app will be available on both web and mobile, and allows users see their current location or choose a location and view the density of an area based on other users’ reports. The users may send their report on the status of an area’s density by sending a picture as well.

The app developers assured that information sent out by users will remain confidential and no personal data will be collected from them.

At present, the app will prioritize showing the density of essential areas like groceries, banks, public markets, and drug stores, places where people usually go for common errands.

Other features will be added and include public areas for people who will use the app as social distancing measure even after the pandemic.

“The Maze app helps everyone in making an informed decision whenever they plan to go out for errands. Not only does it encourage people to observe social distancing during the enhanced community quarantine but also instills a mindset to maintain social distancing even after we have successfully flattened the curve,” said Vanessa Tanco, president and chief executive officer of iACADEMY.

“This can still be useful even post-Covid where people might be more cautious in going to crowded areas where they can be susceptible from viruses and other diseases.”

The app is now ready for use for free, and it can be browsed on its website and downloaded through Google Play for android phone users.