/ 11 May 2021

THE LYCEUM of the Philippines University will soon offer a BS Esports program, the first to do so in the country.

The four-year program will start in the next academic year. The school partnered with Tier One Entertainment, a Southeast Asian gaming company.

Tryke Gutierrez, one of the founders of Tier One, said the proposal to offer an Esports program was made last year. It stressed the need to have a “specialized” education for people working in esports as the industry continues to expand.

The program will offer two tracks: Esports Management which focuses on planning esports affairs such as tournaments and team management. The other is Game Design and Development which targets those who want to pursue a career in game development and design.

The program will also include subjects such as team management, introduction to media, and esports broadcasting among others.

Interested applicants may check the course catalog at