/ 10 May 2022

THE KALINGA State University unveiled its new Silk Filature Facility in its Rizal campus in Kalinga.

The facility aims to ramp up the silk production in Kalinga and the Cordillera region to boost economic activities.

A silk filature facility or sericulture facility is designed for the farming of silkworms. The product will be turned into fiber and thread.

KSU said that the new facility will integrate activities for silk cocoon production from nearby areas to create more jobs in the field of moriculture, cocoon production and processing and weaving.

The project started in 2017 with the development of a one-hectare mulberry which was later expanded into 10 hectares in preparation for other facilties.

The project was led by KSU and the Philippine Textile Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology.

Kalinga lone Representative Allen Jesse Mangaoang said that the facility can also be a tourist destination.

“In addition to providing livelihood opportunities for farmers and weavers in the province, we can see a huge potential for the silk farm to be a sustainable and viable tourist destination,” Mangaoang said.

“Weaving is one of the major economic activities among women in the province of Kalinga and I believe that the production of silk through this facility will provide additional raw materials for Kalinga weavers,” he added.