/ 2 November 2020

THE ISABELA State University has moved its scheduled reflection break to an earlier date.

The university said that the break scheduled from November 9-15, 2020, will be implemented on November 3-8, 2020.

The semester reflection break aims to give students a breather from their studies, the ISU said.

“The Office of the University President issued Memorandum Order No.290, s. 2020, allowing students to do developmental reading or to simply take a break from struggling with heavyweight course stresses,” ISU-E Today said on Facebook.

“Synchronous and asynchronous classes are suspended and faculty members are directed to desist from setting deadlines for course requirements within the duration of the break,” the university added.

Several students were displeased by the announcement, saying professors have set activities on the previous schedule.

“Eguls bagyo break yan ee,” one student said.

” …edi parang wala pong sembreak kung gnun,” another one said.

“Kung kailan nmn po marami Ng Activity kaming gagawin saka niyo namn I mo move yang reflection week na yan,” one student lamented.