/ 30 March 2022

MAKATI-BASED school iACADEMY announced its partnership with tech giant ASUS to improve its Information and Technology facilities and mentorship programs.

The school and Asus signed the ASUS Edukasyon School Partner Program on March 25, 2022.

“It is iACADEMY’s vision to develop game-changers who will create a positive impact in our society and contribute to the development of the country, region, and even the world. By fostering and strengthening our collaboration with industry partners and organizations, iACADEMY is able to provide a relevant and transformative education that is responsive to the developments and changes in the industry,” Cecilia Sy, vice president for Academic Affairs, said.

Meanwhile, ASUS Business Lead Francis Avila shared that the pandemic has drastically affected the education sector and has made learning very challenging for both students and educators. Because of this, ASUS decided to support institutions by providing the best digital solutions, relevant programs and updates on technological trends and new learning modalities.

“We always make it our passion to reach out to our target users and assess where ASUS can help and make a meaningful difference to their objectives and to the lives of the people they serve,” Avila said.

Meanwhile, Raquel Wong-Perez, iACADEMY Chief Operating Officer, said the partnership will ensure that their graduates will be competent and resilient to the demand of the workplace.

“As iACADEMY celebrates its School of Business and Liberal Arts Week, we would like to celebrate another milestone as ASUS becomes an official partner of iACADEMY in providing exclusive packages for the technological requirements of students and faculty, as well as the enhancement of teaching tools and additional support in the transformation of IT in education. This will ensure that our graduates will have the competencies, professionalism, and resilience demanded in the workplace and this truly makes iACADEMY graduates not just industry-ready, but industry-relevant as well,” she said.