/ 22 November 2022

MAKATI-BASED iACADEMY is the first school in the country to offer specialized programs like Software Engineering, Game Development and Animation to Senior High School students.

Through the SHS specialized programs, students are given broad exposure to industry practices through constant academic exchanges with industry professionals and participation in community-focused activities.

“As we work towards training students to become industry-ready professionals before they even graduate in college, we have also enriched our SHS programs with robust learning opportunities facilitated by industry experts so that our students get a comprehensive training in their chosen career path and ensure success in this highly competitive global environment that is growing in an exponential pace,” Cecilia Sy, VP for Academic Affairs, said.

Students will also be in immersive learning environments that involve the integration of emerging technologies.

ACADEMY also introduced Game X: Project-based Learning which aims to teach students the importance of working at a specific time pace. The school said that it will help produce output and establish an avenue to showcase the works of the students from the different areas of learning.

“The goal of iACADEMY Senior High School is to develop well-rounded individuals with the ability to creatively collaborate with other members of a community to create positive change. This is done by fostering a project-based learning and producing outputs that will motivate others to put more effort into their academic and creative endeavors and encourage others by sharing the results of their labor,” Paolo Antonio Noceda, SHS principal, said.