/ 25 April 2024

iACADEMY, a forefront figure in technology-infused education, has recently been awarded by well-known Global Brands Awards as the Most Innovative School for 2024.

This prestigious award recognizes the hard work and dedication of iACADEMY to providing excellence, innovation, and excellence in transformative education, making it an educational leader in the field.

iACADEMY is the sole representative from the Philippines and the list of awardees for educational providers demonstrates outstanding achievements in revolutionizing educational paradigms and student preparation for the digital era.

Global Brands Awards, which is known for its rigorous vetting procedure and dedication to recognizing outstanding brands in various industries, selected iACADEMY for its exceptional commitment to new educational paradigms and to inspire students to excel in and for the digital era.

“Being recognized with the Most Innovative School award from the Global Brands Awards is a source of immense pride,” said Dr. Vanessa Tanco, President of iACADEMY.

“This prestigious award is a reflection that we are pushing beyond the limits and reinventing education to drive a culture of innovation and excellence,” she added.

iACADEMY has been at the forefront of non-traditional education due to its use of technology adoption, industry-responsive curricula, and teaching innovations. The school’s state-of-the-art facilities, industry partnerships, and innovative programs build a learning experience that helps students acquire the skills, knowledge, and mindsets to prosper in a rapidly evolving global environment.