/ 17 February 2022

iACADEMY celebrated 20 game-changing years in education resulting in 96 percent job placement rate and world class recognition.

The school was the first to offer Software Engineering, Game Development, Animation, Music and Sound Design degree programs in the Philippines.

As it continues to offer cutting edge programs and learning designs, the school vowed to continue to address the mismatch of graduates and the needs of the industry.

iACADEMY aims to expand its reach by training more innovative game changers, strengthening its ties with the industry, and contributing more positive changes through its projects and initiatives.

Tagged as the most progressive school by the World Economic Magazine in 2021, most innovative education provider by Global Brands Awards, International Business Magazine, and Global Brand Review Magazine, iACADEMY boasts of its swift response to the global challenge that threatened the continuity of education in 2020.

During the height of the pandemic, iACADEMY quickly rolled out GOAL or Guided Online Autonomous Learning, which prioritized outcome-based education and incorporated adjustable and adaptive learning arrangements with the main focus on the student’s welfare. In the following year, it launched its pioneering homeschool program DRIVE which allowed non-traditional and unique learning methods, self-paced learning, and flexible learning schedules.

“The pandemic really challenged all of us in so many ways we didn’t imagine. But one of the things that made it easy for us to adapt quickly to our online learning environment is really the foregrounding of iACADEMY students in technology and the digital world. Which I believe, some schools were just learning to adapt when the pandemic happened,” said Cecilia Sy, Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Co-Create, iACADEMY’s collaboration with the industry players, targeted to train students to come up with creative solutions to support the goals of the specific industries they are assigned to partner with. This initiative enabled the students to experience working with professionals, pitching ideas to actual companies, and receiving first-hand feedback from practitioners to improve their skills.

“This has always been the thrust of iACADEMY, we want to make sure that when students graduate, they are fully equipped, empowered, and highly skilled to bring positive changes to the community. We knew we needed a revolutionary approach to education – one that will guarantee the readiness of our students to face real-world challenges. iACADEMY is definitely one of the few institutions in the Philippines that braved that path and stayed committed to that goal for twenty years,” Raquel Perez-Wong, the school’s chief operating officer, said.

“We are not just a mere institution. Parents who entrust their children to us are entrusting changemakers to whom we have a task of molding to become key players and great leaders in the future. Students gain a strong support system in iACADEMY and learn life skills from the influences in our community. Their values are shaped by culture in our school. They are spending their formative years with us and we will not let that opportunity to groom creative geniuses and innovative leaders go to waste,” said Alexandra Gozum, Senior Manager for Admissions, Corporate Communications, and Alumni Relations Office.