/ 30 October 2022

iACADEMY has reopened its onsite applications and campus tours for Academic Year 2023-2024.

The school announced that its main campus in Makati City is now accepting visitors and applicants for senior high school and college who wish to accomplish their applications in one day.

To finish the application process, students must fill out a form, pay the application fee, schedule a campus tour onsite and proceed with the final interview.

iACADEMY will also hold a series of PRIME Workshops exclusive for reserved and incoming students to help jumpstart their academic journey. The workshops will focus on computing, business and design.

Career opportunities, business trends, new developments in technology and the advancement in the industries will also be tackled.

PRIME Workshops are conducted every Saturday by professors and industry leaders to ensure that students and parents are well-informed on recent developments in the industry.

Through these initiatives, students get first-hand experience in collaborating with reputable companies in the industry, learning not only about theory-based practices but also strategies applied to the current paradigms of successful businesses and organizations.

Through its industry-relevant programs and activities, iACADEMY pledged to train students to become future-ready and globally competitive in their respective fields.

iACADEMY offers specialized programs in Computing, Business and Liberal Arts, and Design for senior high school and college. DRIVE Homeschool Program or Design for Remote, Individualized and Versatile Education is also being offered to students who are interested in full asynchronous distance learning.