/ 14 July 2021

A COALITION  of student organizations asked the Holy Angel University in Angeles City, Pampanga to consider its demands to ensure that education will be accessible.

The coalition had asked the school to extend the enrollment period and adjust the opening of classes.

“Now, more than ever, academic institutions must address the struggles of the students and their families in this time of crisis. This pandemic has brought the majority to become financially-challenged, and the online learning set-up is taking a toll on students’ overall well-being,” the groups said.

They said that a survey revealed that majority of the students are not yet financially and mentally prepared for the opening of classes.

“The institution failed to recognize the dire situation of our fellow co-students as many are still not enrolled mainly because of financial difficulties,” they said.

The groups asked the school to reconsider the proposed academic framework for the incoming school year.

They also urged school officials to present a clear breakdown of tuition and other fees to be collected for the incoming academic year.

The groups expressed concern for the welfare of teachers who will be affected by the closure of the HAU elementary school.

“We remain steadfast in securing the jobs of the elementary teachers who are affected by the Laboratory Elementary School phaseout. We assert that no layoff shall be made as they are not spared from the adverse effects of the pandemic,” they said.

“In the spirit of unity, we call on the administration of the Holy Angel University to heed the demands and collective call of the students and of the entire Angelite community,” they added.