/ 2 August 2020

A Makati-based school is introducing game-changing teaching methods that changes the way lessons will be delivered in a flexible remote learning arrangement.

As the school implements its Guided Online Autonomous Learning (GOAL) when classes open this August, iACADEMY showcases its out-of-the box teaching strategies and innovative learning materials that will make learning more interactive for its students.

One of these game-changing teaching tools is the use of green screen technology called XSplit, one of the most popular software and widely used application for live-themed broadcasting. Not only can it be used for live streaming of games and conferences, but it can also be used for live classes.

“XSplit helps the class to be more engaging and interactive. Its initial purpose is to simulate on-site learning (as if the students are in the classroom with the professors) where the students can see what the professor is giving emphasis on the lecture and throw questions as if they were in an actual classroom,” Bennett Tanyag, iACADEMY’s Chairperson for Software Engineering and Web Development, said.

Through XSplit, the professor can have different scenes and settings at their disposal which attracts the students’ attention and thus improve their concentration and learning during class.

Aside from the use of green screen technology, iACADEMY’s faculty members also devised other innovative learning materials, like the one made by its Game Development faculty member where she used an animated version of herself to show students how they can apply their lessons practically.

iACADEMY is also proud to share its impressive roster of professors and instructors who are all technology-abled and capable of delivering lessons online.

“More than the tools, approach is very important and this is where mastery in teaching and industry experience comes in. Over the years, iACADEMY has strived to live up to its mission to provide game-changing education for our learners. Now that we are implementing a flexible remote learning arrangement, we would like to grab this opportunity to step up our game and introduce innovative learning tools and approaches that will make learning more interesting and engaging for our students,” Vanessa Tanco, iACADEMY’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said.