/ 5 December 2021

ENDERUN Colleges recently introduced an exclusive mobile phone app that offers students, faculty, employees, and alumni a new way to stay connected.

The Enderun app is a fun and engaging way to stay connected through posts, videos and polls in groups based on their specific interests called channels.

“Our new platform is intended to be an enabler of Enderun’s innovative approach to education: one anchored on the free flow of ideas for innovation and striving for shared knowledge to nurture a common culture of initiatives beyond the classroom, among all members of our community—students, faculty, and staff—across all departments,” President Edgardo Rodriguez said.

“It also provides us with a reliable and ready means for coming together when a major disaster strikes,” he added.

The Enderun app features channels that cater to the students’ interests. Users can choose which channels they wish to join and can even create their own channels

“The pandemic showed schools that learning does not have to be restricted to the four classroom walls anymore. Building a digital campus community is a step towards bridging the gap between how school is conducted and how students learn today,” Enderun App founder Joey Tuason said.

Official school channels and push notifications are in place to ensure the whole community is informed of important activities and announcements.

“For a school, especially one that’s growing, to run on solid ground, it is necessary to have complete, timely, and reliable information in hand continuously. The new Enderun App is designed to deliver such information, and much more,” President Edgardo Rodriguez said.

Enderun app manager Izzy Matias said that the app was developed “to elevate the Titan experience and provide an avenue for everyone to come together to share their expertise and knowledge, make important announcements, and invaluable connections.”