/ 10 October 2022

THE DAVAO del Norte State College slammed the students who disrespected a faculty member in a leaked conversation.

“We DO NOT TOLERATE disrespectful behavior toward our teachers or any members of our community. The administration, especially its academic and student development units, will handle the situation, following due and fair process, and with the well-being of both our teachers and students in mind,” DNSC said.

The school issued the statement after screenshots of the said conversation which harbored “hate comments and perpetuating further negative light to an already hurtful situation” were shared on social media.

DNSC appealed to the public to also not share the screenshots and that school officials are looking to resolve the situation through diplomatic means.

“We will also take a look at the underlying causes and possible solutions to the problem, such as evaluating the required academic tasks and activities for the semester, values formation for our students, and promoting responsible use of social media,” the college added.