/ 13 June 2021

A DE LA SALLE University student group called on the school administration not to increase tuition and other fees for Academic Year 2021-2022.

The University Student Government opposed the proposed 2.5 percent tuition increase, saying it is an additional burden to learners and their parents.

“In upholding the best interests of the student body and in response to the ongoing health and economic crisis, the USG proposed 0 percenr tuition fee increase during the tuition fee consultation with the university. The USG highlighted income loss, increase in household and medical expenses, and unemployment as the main reason for 0 percent increase during negotiations,” USG said.

“The USG strongly calls for unity from the student body in demanding a #NoTuitionFeeIncrease and #LigtasNaBalikEskwela. The student body can no longer afford further strain in its already difficult situation,” it added.

USG also urged the Commission on Higher Education and the government to provide immediate financial support to all public and private colleges and universities.

“We condemn the Commission’s blatant disregard for the needs of its students, parents, professors, and university employee alike and the lack of concrete policies to support distance learning. A solution once thought of as temporary is now being made our reality,” USG said.

The group also requested to guarantee the availability of scholarship and financial aid programs to all non-scholars and freshman students.

USG demanded that all existing scholarship grants must be sustained.

Additionally, it appealed to waive unused miscellaneous fees and to extend the duration of payments.