/ 24 April 2021

A TOP official of the De La Salle University landed in the list of the world’s best climate scientists.

vice chancellor for research and innovation and University Fellow, was ranked 775th in Reuters’ Hot List.

“Dr. Tan is the co-developer of the carbon emissions pinch analysis algorithm, and he specializes in the development of computer models for low-, zero-, and negative-carbon industrial systems,” DLSU said.

“Tan is also a chemical engineering professor at DLSU, focusing on process systems engineering and process integration as his main areas of research,” it added.

Tan earned various recognitions for his scientific work in different institutions such as the National Academy of Science and Technology, the Commission on Higher Education, and the National Research Council of the Philippines.

Reuters identified the 1,000 most influential scientists through a combination of three rankings.

“We made use of rankings based on the following — how many research papers scientists have published on topics related to climate change; how often those papers are cited by other scientists in similar fields of the study, such as biology, chemistry, or physics; and how often those papers are referenced in the lay press, social media, policy papers, and other outlets,” Reuters said.