/ 23 May 2022

THE CENTRAL Luzon State University was awarded four patents for its newly developed technologies.

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines-Bureau of Patents awarded certificates that will be valid for seven years.

The patents were for technologies that include “Preparation of a Pelletized Goat Feed” and chocolate-flavored goat milk developed by the Small Ruminant Center.

“The certification for the pelletized goat feed discloses the economical process of preparing and packaging a pelletized forage-based feed for lactating dairy goats with Indigofera zollingeriana leaves as one of the ingredients in the feed,” the CLSU said.

The project was initiated by University President Edgar A. Orden while the chocolate-flavored goat’s milk drink was developed by Leny Lyn Del Rosario.

The other technologies are “An Improved testing Process for the Efficacy of the Phytoandrogen feed in Tilapia Sex Reversal” which was developed by the College of Fisheries, and the “Plastic Biogas Digester” created by the Philippine-Sino Center for Agricultural Technology.

The tilapia feed was developed by COF Dean Dr. Ravelina Velasco, while the biogas digester project was headed by Dr. Emmanuel Sicat.