/ 4 November 2021

THE HIGH School Editors Guild of the Philippines urged the public to defend press freedom saying the number of killings and freedom violation continue to increase.

The group also sought improved security for the key promoters of knowledge, transparency and truthfulness in the country.

“Attacks and criminality against those who bravely provide information to us must stop, and those who commit these crimes must be held accountable,” the group said.

“Access to the truth and accurate information is essential for a civilized world. Protecting press freedom and journalists around the world is vital, and it strongly correlates with safeguarding our access to information,” it added.

The group called on the public to defend freedom of expression and ensure that all citizens have access to the truth.

“Criminals’ impunity serves as a deterrent to the practice of authentic, transparent, and true journalism. To protect our right to freedom of expression, let us work together to eliminate and denounce impunity for crimes against journalists!” the group said

“We need to help build the basis for democracy. Impunity for crimes against journalists must end now!” it added.