/ 2 June 2021

STUDENTS in Cagayan Valley appealed to the Department of Education to ease their academic load, saying they feel overburdened by distance learning.

Rise for Education-Cagayan Valley said on Facebook that more than 300 students signed a petition sent to the DepEd regional office calling for the lessening of academic requirements, implementation of a no-fail policy, and removal of the penalty of late submission.

“Students are overburdened and burned out with numerous requirements under a self-study mode of learning for the past year,” the petitioners said.

They added that students’ well-being should not be compromised amid the implementation of the new mode of learning.

They cited a survey conducted in the Cagayan National High School which showed that 80 percent of the students are having difficulties understanding module.

“We sign this petition as we share a vision where no student must constantly compromise his/her psycho-social well-being in answering modules imposed by the Department of Education,” they said.

“We stand that interactive face-to-face classes with our teachers and fellow students [are] the mode of learning we deserve. We all deserve safe, quality, and accessible education,” the students added.